Management Team
We All Roll Up Our Sleeves and Pitch In

Customers expect and rely on the expertise of our management team.

AER owners are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Our structure has few management tiers, so you know key management is involved in daily business operations. Our people are experienced experts in their fields, and cross-trained to assist in other areas.

AER’s unique “shared responsibility” approach allows us to focus on business goals, and creates more efficient implementation of new production methods.

This team approach ensures top-quality products and services—every time.

We take enormous pride in our work and promise unmatched engine remanufacturing and customer service.

Top management includes:
Robert G. McGraw, Chairman and CEO
    - Responsible for strategic planning and management of the company
Nolan Skaggs, President of AER Manufacturing and AER Sales, LP
    - Responsible for overall operations
Chris D. Mantzuranis, Executive Vice President and CFO
    - Responsible for financial affairs
Matthew G. McGraw, Executive VP of AER Sales, LP
    - Responsible for sales and marketing
Robert P. McGraw, Vice President of Operations and COO of AER Manufacturing
    - Responsible for daily operations

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