Company History
Humble Beginnings

Rich in history and tradition, AER began operations in the early 1940s in the back of a local automobile dealership in Texas. With steel and iron supplies in short supply, and the country and production lines focused on WWII, Henry Ford sought ways to keep the automobile industry alive and cars and trucks running at home.

The idea for remanufactured engines and engine parts was born.

Ford contracted trusted suppliers who could recycle and remanufacture crucial parts to Ford Motor Co. specifications. As a result, AER became one of the first Ford authorized engine remanufacturers in the country.

High-quality remanufactured parts—made to the demanding standards of original equipment manufacturers—is as valued today as it was 60 years ago.

McGraw Family Leadership

Under the leadership of Gordon McGraw, AER became the leader in remanufacturing and reassembling engines. He established AER’s continuing tradition of excellence, planning the growth of the company to provide a wide range of engine components and engine assemblies.

Bob McGraw took over leadership of the company in 1974, and he continues to build his legacy today. Under Bob’s direction, AER has achieved decades of impressive growth by

focusing on new product lines
developing lasting relationships with customers
meeting diverse program demands and
establishing a distribution network to provide timely delivery.

AER’s long-standing reputation for stability, quality and financial strength has flourished, and Bob’s sons, Matt and Robert McGraw, are learning the business to continue AER’s rich tradition of quality products and exceptional service.

Today, AER is a relatively flat organization with few management tiers. The expertise of top management, combined with a strong group of managers from across the organization, combine to make AER a leader in engine remanufacturing.

AER's vision and reputation as an honest, dependable supplier of quality products has made the company THE leading engine remanufacturer and distributor nationwide.

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