A Company with Vision

Quality. Innovation. Stability. Financial Strength. Our reputation is built on principles that have made us a world leader in the engine remanufacturing industry for more than 60 years.

AER Culture, Capacity and Leadership =
World-Class Engine Remanufacturer

Service to Customers
    - Highest quality standards
Diverse product lines
    - Built-in capacity
Strategic distribution network
    - Timely delivery nationwide
Few management tiers
    - Hands-on involvement from top
Cross-trained management
    - Well-versed to assist
Highly skilled workforce
    - Dedicated and involved employees
Working smarter and better
    - Training programs enhance skills and output

Internationally recognized designations
ISO/TS 16949 Certified
ISO 14000 certification

See Quality Assurance for AER’s quality policies and certifications.

AER continually strives to improve our products, ourselves and our processes:
Embracing innovation
Testing new ideas
Developing new technologies
Enhancing work processes
Achieving greater efficiencies

Attention to quality. Commitment to be the best. In everything we do.

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