Quality Engines and Engine Assemblies

Get your vehicles back on the road quickly and cost-effectively with AER.

AER engines are better than new! We build engines to Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM’s) demanding specifications. Additionally, any known defects of the original engines are repaired during the remanufacturing process.

Our large inventory and nationwide distribution system enables us to provide quick turnaround.

We provide quality products, supported by quality systems and checks throughout our processes. We offer a warranty to meet your needs.

Our robust systems allow new customers to be easily and quickly added.

AER offers
Cost-effective solutions
High-quality engines
Distribution coverage from the East coast to West coast
Capacity for significant assembly expansion
Quality systems and quality checks
System and process documentation
Engine warranty
Storage and warehousing facilities
ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification


AER: The engine supplier you can trust.

Our Customers:
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Fleet Dealers and Managers
Distributors and Jobbers
Retailers–both large and small

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