AER Today
Providing Solutions for Our Customers

AER opened shop in the back of a dealership with a vision of greatness and a handful of employees. Now, more than 60 years later, AER works hard to keep that vision a reality.

AER provides quality, cost-effective solutions for customers throughout North America.

Employs hundreds of highly-skilled people
Experiences low employee turnover
Operates 2 manufacturing facilities in Carrollton, Texas
Manages 700,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space
Utilizes 300,000 square feet of warehouse distribution space

AER customers are our partners.
Long-standing relationships are an essential part of our business.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have come to rely on AER’s high-quality, remanufactured engines and engine components for a wide variety of applications.


Provides different engine families to several OEMs
Remanufactures engines and engine parts to OEM’s rigid standards
Offers service and warranty replacement
Assembles and hot-tests high-performance engines to meet demanding specifications and requirements of performance engine users
Supplies product lines at multiple build levels
Assembles and customizes engines with 100 percent new components to support certain contracts
Machine cylinder heads, blocks and crankshafts from raw castings
Provides remanufactured powertrain engine component parts
Provides engines and engine parts for direct customer sales
Distributes products nationwide

AER is the chosen supplier of standard and high-performance engines and engine components to original equipment manufacturers.

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