Remanufactured Engines
Technologically Superior

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing facilities in Carrollton, Texas, occupy nearly 700,000 square feet of floor space. Each plant operates independently, complementing each other by providing a broad offering of engines and component parts.

Wiley Post Engine Plant
Remanufactured Ford Engines
Remanufactured General Motors Mark IV Engines
New Assemblies and Remanufacturing for Ford Racing applications
New Components Assemblies, 100% hot tested high performance engines


Chenault Engine Plant
Remanufactured Ford Engines
Various General Motors engines, including assembly of new components and remanufactured engines
Remanufactured Nissan engines
Remanufactured Chrysler engines
Remanufactured Toyota engines
Remanufacturing capability for all types of engines
Emphasis on modular and other late-model engines
Engines for both warranty replacement and service or customer pay
Machines components from raw castings, including cylinder heads and crankshafts

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